Michael Connelly's Bosch to be a series from Amazon Studios

Michael Connelly has been publishing books featuring detective Harry Bosch since 1992. More than two decades later, Bosch is finally headed to screens.

Computer screens, that is. Amazon announced Monday that Amazon Studios has picked up "Bosch" as one of six new shows that will run via its streaming service.

"I am so excited about this," Connelly wrote on his website. 

"Bosch" was one of several pilots that Amazon shot and shared online; viewers voted for those they liked best.

"[The series] would have never come close to happening without the excitement and support of the fan base that watched and rated and shared the pilot thousands and thousands of times," Connelly continued. "Thank you so much!"

As Greg Braxton reported for The Times last month, Bosch had come close to being filmed many times before -- but never quite made it. "Many efforts were made, and many screenplays were written, some by Oscar-winning writers," Connelly said. "But they ultimately never came to fruition. And Harry stayed on the shelf for two decades."

Connelly writes that the season will draw from three Bosch novels -- "City of Bones," "The Concrete Blonde," and "Echo Park." He's a co-writer and producer on the show, which is filmed in L.A. Heironomous "Harry" Bosch will be played by Titus Welliver.

"Usually you give your work to a Hollywood entity, and you hope for the best," Connelly told Braxton. "You have zero involvement, or some small level of involvement such as consulting or advising. You can make excuses if it doesn't work. I can't really do that with this project because I've been fully immersed from Day 1."

Before Connelly embarked on his career as a bestselling novelist, he was a crime reporter at the L.A. Times.

Amazon hasn't created a season in the traditional television sense -- although the series is confirmed, the premiere date of "Bosch" hasn't yet been announced. It will be available streaming via Amazon Prime.


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