Join a live chat with 'True Detective's' Michelle Monaghan Thursday

Should Maggie have given Marty a second chance? Ask 'True Detective's' Michelle Monaghan on Thursday

Sure, we loved Rustin Cohle and Marty Hart on "True Detective." Stand-up guys. Well, at least at the office. Away from their police work, they could be ... well, let's just say "difficult." Just ask Maggie Hart, who was married to Marty and eventually used Rust to permanently dissolve that union.

Michelle Monaghan, who played Maggie, a woman not to be underestimated, will be stopping by The Times' office on Thursday at 3 p.m. PDT for a live Web chat where we'll talk about her work on "True Detective." It was a long shoot -- six months and change -- and an eventful one, as midway through, Monaghan discovered she was pregnant. Monaghan kept the news to herself -- at least until she was five months along, at which time, she needed to tell the costume designer.

So we'll talk to her about that, as well as Maggie's connection with Rust, her frustrations with Marty and how the two things eventually came together in a scene that was among the series' most memorable. We'll also ask about her experience watching the show and whether she kept up with the theories surrounding the identity of the show's killer -- and if she formed any herself while reading the script. And we'll ask your questions too. Send them out into the psychosphere via Twitter using the hashtag #asklatimes.





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