Grammys 2016: Who's got the tickets? And other behind-the-scenes secrets from the awards crew

How many chandeliers does it take to light a Grammys red carpet? And speaking of the red carpet, who makes sure the nominees get their moment in front of the cameras without pop-star gridlock? Red carpet coordinator Sara Labb, above, is just one of a veritable army of pros on the Grammys crew who make the awards show work.

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We captured many of them preparing for the show in the days before Monday's airtime. 

A chandelier Sia could swing from: Production assistant Spencer Knox is assigned to the red carpet, which will be lighted by 17 chandeliers.

The right guitar for the job: The Grammys' musical staging supervisor Johnny Lord keeps things organized inside the music coordinating room at Staples Center.

And the Grammy comes from: Trophy presenters Jennifer Lee and Kyna Treacy are the women you want to see walking your way if you're up for a Grammy. 

Gear check: Before Lionel Richie performs Monday night, audio assistants Pete San Filipo and Damon Andres, with back line tech Ben Fenton, will have all the music equipment set up correctly on this drum riser, just one of many setups for the Grammys. 

He's got the ticket: Not all Grammy tickets are created to give equal access. Adrian Diaz is director of ticketing for the Grammy Awards and knows which ticket means you sit close to the stage and which ticket means you're stuck in the equivalent of the Grammys bleachers.

Getting the optics right: Communication has to run smoothly at the Grammys, which is why Jon Zucino's work installing fiber-optic lines is so crucial.

The talent whisperer: Chantel Sausedo is the Grammys talent producer, which means she secures the acts for the show and takes care of their needs from beginning to end once they arrive.


Best dresser: Jasmine McAtee is the Grammys dressing room coordinator, which is a big job considering there are 80 dressing rooms used by performers, dancers and musicians.

Floor show: It takes a team of workers in the prop department to move a stage floor, just one of many setups required during the Grammys.

 Follow live coverage of the Grammys as it happens>>

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