Watch: Katy Perry does it like that in video for 'This Is How We Do'

The concept for Katy Perry's 'This Is How We Do' video? Here is what she does

Truth in advertising in action, Katy Perry's "This Is How We Do" finds the pop star laying out some of the things she does: sipping on rosé, checking out hotties, day-drinking at a Santa Barbara bar that probably put a Katy Perry cocktail on the menu as soon as "Prism" came out last year.

Now there's a video for the song, and it's no less cheerfully literal.

Posted Thursday on YouTube, the video backs away from the elaborate setups the singer devised for her recent videos for "Roar" and "Dark Horse"; here, she and a couple of pals simply act out the activities detailed in the tune.

They play ping-pong, they grab tacos, they hop into a deconstructed version of a Maserati. It's no big deal.

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