'Good Day L.A.' reporter Julie Chang returns after brain surgery



"Good Day L.A." entertainment reporter and anchor Julie Chang returned to the program Wednesday after recovering from the removal of a brain tumor.

"To put it simply, California changed my life," Chang said to anchor Steve Edwards and other colleagues on the news program. She said she would have never taken up surfing, which inadvertently led to the discovery of the tumor.

Chang went on medical leave in November when a CT scan revealed the tumor, two months after she had been hit in the eye with a surfboard. Though she continued to appear on air and joked about the accident, she was also experiencing severe headaches.

The tumor was near the center core of her brain.

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Although she is close to full recovery, Chang said she does not have 100% of her vision back. She will know soon whether she will ever regain full vision.

She said the experience was like "attending my own funeral." But there was also a silver lining: She became engaged to her boyfriend, who helped her during her recovery.



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