Larry Wilmore dives into the Bill Cosby controversy on 2nd night

New late-night host Larry Wilmore takes one second to consider if Bill Cosby is innocent of sex allegations

"The Nightly Show," the new "Daily Show" follow-up with host Larry Wilmore, is only two nights old and it's anything but "weak tea."

For his second show, Wilmore devoted the entire program to comedian Bill Cosby and the continuing cloud of sexual abuse allegations that hang over him.

Since Cosby hasn't yet been convicted of any crimes, Wilmore needed to take a moment to consider if he maybe wasn't guilty of the sexual assault of more than 30 women. That took Wilmore all of one second.

As Wilmore explained: "It's like if Cosby drugged and raped every U.S. president from George Washington to John F. Kennedy."

And Wilmore's impression of Cosby's lascivious thoughts on former U.S. President Grover Cleveland is something to behold.

But the real fireworks came in his panel discussion, in which panelist and comedian Keith Robinson revealed he didn't believe Cosby's accusers.

"Wherever you see Gloria Allred, you know someone's lying," Robinson said. "I think Gloria Allred is like the Al Sharpton of women."

Allred has taken on several of the accusers as clients and has held more than one news conference to share their stories.

As fellow guest Baratunde Thurston pointed out, there's no upside to being a publicly admitted rape victim.

"There's no merchandise opportunity in this," he said.

"You don't get a sneaker deal," Wilmore added.

So guilty or not, Wilmore still admitted that he'd like to have Cosby on the show as a panelist one day.

Two nights in and Wilmore isn't shying away from the hard topics.

You can watch the entire episode here.

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