Sarah Silverman pays tribute to Joan Rivers on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Sarah Silverman paid tribute to her comedy hero Joan Rivers by insulting Jimmy Kimmel's clothes.

Sarah Silverman was devastated by Joan Rivers' death on Thursday at age 81.

And she paid tribute to her comedy hero by mocking ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's attire during her guest spot on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday night.

Silverman said she watched Rivers every Friday on her show, "Fashion Police." 

"They were the most hard-core jokes on TV," Silverman said. "You just can't believe that she's saying them."

On the show, Rivers and a trio of other hosts regularly commented on celebrity fashions. In that spirit, Silverman carried on the tradition.

"She'd probably want me to say, 'Nice tie, who made it? Calvin Clown? I like that shirt, does it come in men's?' "

She continued, " 'Oh my gosh, Jimmy. I love your hair, you have to tell me where you bought it.' "

Silverman ended, "That's for you, Joan."

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