'The Nightly Show' introduces its newest contributor, Hand Gun

'The Nightly Show' introduces its newest contributor, Hand Gun
Larry Wilmore talks to his newest contributor, Hand Gun. (Comedy Central)

If Conan O'Brien could have Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Jon Stewart could have the Michael Steele puppet, then it stands to reason that Larry Wilmore, host of "The Nightly Show," should have his own inanimate contributor. And on Tuesday, he got it with Hand Gun, the talking handgun, portrayed by "Nightly Show" contributor Mike Yard.

Hand, as he insists on being called -- "Mr. Gun is married to my mother," he says -- showed up to weigh in on the issue of whether or not college students should be allowed to carry firearms on college campuses.

"It's the ... worst idea I've ever heard," he said. "And I've spent a fair amount of time with some straight-up murderers."

As Hand Gun explained, lethal killers such as his previous owner "Baby Killer" live by a code. If someone does wrong by them, do pay it back. But college kids?

"They're unpredictable," Gun explained. "One minute I'm in a backpack listening to 'em type up a psych paper. Next thing you know, he's on Molly and I'm shooting up a frat party!"

Hand Gun also revealed a bit of a volatile temper. As he said, "I wouldn't want to put me in the hands of me."

Here's hoping Hand makes a return appearance. In a peaceful manner, of course. You can watch the entire segment here. Hand Gun makes his appearance at around the six-minute mark.

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