Teen spends $54,000 at bars; judge blames the bars, American Express

A 16-year-old went on quite the joy ride after snagging his dad's credit card and racking up a $54,000 bar tab during a one-night club binge in Japan.

The teenager and a friend made the rounds at some hostess clubs, where he paid to sit and drink with women working there. The teen ordered whiskey and Champagne. At one of the venues, he spent a couple thousand dollars on a single bottle of wine, the Examiner reports.


The best part? The bars and the credit card company, American Express, got stuck with the bill.

The teenager's dad pleaded with the Kyoto District Court, which ruled he would have to pay only a small portion of the tab.

The hostess clubs the teenager visited were for adults only; therefore, the judge ruled, the bars were responsible, WebProNews reported.

The judge also ruled American Express should have flagged the charges, so the company also was partly responsible.

The dad walked away with an 800,000 yen bill, which translates to $7,832, MSN news reported. But the entire ordeal left us wondering: What's the appropriate grounding period for stealing your dad's credit card and spending $54,000 on a bar spree?


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