For the record

Lark Galloway-Gilliam: The obituary of community advocate Lark Galloway-Gilliam in the Dec. 10 California section incorrectly characterized the removal of trees from South Los Angeles streets to make way for the space shuttle Endeavour's installation at the California Science Center. In an environmental impact report, the museum requested the removal of 393 trees, not 1,000, and the final number of trees cut down was 122, not 265.

Afghanistan violence: An article in the Dec. 15 Section A said that the Taliban was believed responsible for an assassination attempt on a prominent lawmaker in Afghanistan. The article failed to say that the Taliban denied responsibility for the attack.

School board race: An article in the Dec. 15 California section about the upcoming Los Angeles Board of Education election misspelled the last name of candidate Carl Petersen as Peterson. The article also identified Ankur Patel as a district parent; he has no children.

Murder case: In the Dec. 13 California section, a photo caption with an article about the sentencing of a man for the murder of his ex-girlfriend 35 years earlier referred to him as Douglas Gordon. His full name is Douglas Gordon Bradford.

Gary Ferguson: A review in the Dec. 14 Arts & Books section of the book "The Carry Home" by Gary Ferguson said that his late wife, Jane Ferguson, had escaped from an alcoholic father in Indiana in the 1970s; it was an alcoholic grandfather.

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