For the record

"An Apartment in Berlin": In the March 18 Calendar section, an article about the documentary "An Apartment in Berlin" said that a former Israeli soldier was studying at Humboldt State. He studies at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Natural Products Expo: In the March 14 Saturday section, an article about products on exhibit at the Natural Products Expo West said that ChocXO marketing manager Laina Malnight's father founded the company. ChocXO was founded by Richard Foley, whose father was a chocolate distributor. Malnight is not related.

VA hospital: In the March 19 section A, an article about cost overruns at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Aurora, Colo., misstated the amount of bonuses paid last year by the agency as $630 million. The amount was $360 million.

Irwin Hasen: In the March 19 California section, a photo caption with the obituary of cartoonist Irwin Hasen misattributed the source of this quote: "You saw America through a little kid's eyes — a kid who had seen way too much unpleasantness in his young years." It was comic book editor Danny Fingeroth who said it, not Hasen.

Robert Durst case: In the March 19 Section A, an article about the murder case against Robert Durst said that an HBO documentary aired on the day of Durst's arrest. It aired March 15, the day after his arrest.

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