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For the record

Balcony collapse: In the June 18 Section A, an article about the collapse of a balcony in Berkeley said that Segue Construction Inc. paid $3.5 million to settle a lawsuit over balcony defects at a Millbrae condominium complex. The settlement was paid by the developer and its insurance company. As a result, Segue and subcontractors were released from liability in the Millbrae case.

Puerto Rico debt: In the June 30 Section A, an article about Puerto Rico's struggles to make its debt payments said that the island cannot default. The article should have said that Puerto Rico, a U.S. commonwealth, does not have the option of declaring bankruptcy.

Greek debt: In the June 30 Section A, an article about European efforts to get Greece to resume bailout negotiations included a mislabeled chart. The chart showed debt as a percentage of GDP, not the percentage of GDP to debt.

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