Creativity at work

That's Greg in the photo below. He's a connoisseur of cameras, especially well-aged film cameras.

His friend Andrew Oxenham captured this photo of him under the focus hood of his large format camera.


The two made a trek down to the South Bay near the Palos Verdes Peninsula, where Greg started to set up his camera on a huge cliff overlooking the sea. Oxenham had just picked his camera up when the moment presented itself.

"The clouds, cliff and [Greg's] creativity just aligned in such a way that I snapped this," he said.

Oxenham shared the image on Instagram with the caption, "Photography is a love affair with life."

"What I like about this sort of picture is that it captures someone practicing an art," he said. "Film photography (especially of that ilk) is an art-form in so many more ways than our current digital cameras are. It's so wonderful being able to see someone navigate that world."

Oxenham used a Canon 70D to make the image.

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