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Vintage stairs in L.A.'s Millennium Biltmore Hotel create a vertigo-inducing viewpoint from eight flights up

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is famous for its many, many appearances in film and television over the years, yet there are still pockets of the hotel that remain unphotographed. The hotel is rife with interesting scenes and vignettes, when seen by the right person's eye. In this instance, a staircase viewed from the eighth floor, with lush red carpet and white railings below, proved to be eye-catching.

"My friend and I decided to go on a downtown L.A. adventure," wrote Dominic Saldaña in an email. "We were visiting friends who were staying at the Biltmore Hotel; I was fascinated by this vintage staircase and needed to seize the moment."

Saldaña took the photo with an iPhone 5s.

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