Edison job cuts can save more money by targeting the top

To the editor: Southern California Edison's alleged decision to fire American workers and replace them with foreign workers makes sense. The foreign workers will be paid less, and that increases profit. ("Edison's plans to cut jobs, hire foreign workers is assailed," Feb. 10)

The problem with Edison's strategy is that it calls for firing the wrong people. According to the most recent government data, Southern California Edison President Ronald Litzinger's total compensation was $2.35 million in 2013, and Vice President Peter Dietrich received slightly more than $2 million. Four others made about $1 million each.


Replacing them with talented business leaders from India or other thriving economies at half the price would benefit the company's stockholders.

Eric Smith, Santa Barbara


To the editor: Southern California Edison said, according to your article, that the layoffs are necessary to stay competitive.

Competitive with whom? Last time I looked, it was a monopoly in the areas it served. We have no choice as to where to buy our power.

Edison just wants to make more money.

Mary Anne Cogbill, San Marino

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