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City Hall could learn from David Ryu's hands-on campaigning

To the editor: David Ryu, newly elected to the Los Angeles City Council, has been given the opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air to the insider stench-filled City Hall. ("Can David Ryu maintain his outsider stance inside City Hall?," editorial, May 21)

I was on the fence about the District 4 election until a Ryu campaign worker knocked on my front door. She was well informed on Ryu's platform and we had an engaging exchange. More important was the fact that she asked me about my local issues and listened to me and took notes while I told her about a mundane but important safety issue concerning a city tree on my property.

This is what local politics is supposed to look like, not special interest groups and unions dictating the outcome.

To future potential candidates, please note that retail politics work. To Ryu, avoid the insider vortex of City Hall and remember who has given you this opportunity.

Andrew Chawke, Sherman Oaks

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