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Recycled wastewater: Get over the 'yuck factor'

To the editor: I'm a bit amused by the arguments against recycling sewage for reuse as potable water. ("Turning sewage into drinking water gains appeal as drought lingers," May 24)

There doesn't seem to be the same push back when desalination is discussed and promoted as the solution to the drought. After all, much of the treated sewage we produce is pumped into the ocean (and the Colorado River, as the article mentions). This is the same ocean the desalination plants along the coast would draw from to produce drinking water for people.

It would be very helpful, when seeking solutions to our problems, that we not give ignorance a seat at the table.

Greg Starczak, Santa Barbara


To the editor: All bodies of water — oceans, lakes, streams and aquifers — have organisms from the size of whales to microscopic creatures living in them, carrying on with normal biological functions.

All water has been recycled, toilet to tap, by nature. If you feel a yuck factor, get over it: You have been drinking recycled water your whole life.

Sidney Rubinstein, Rosemead


To the editor: I read this article in vain for mention of the biggest wastewater recycling project in this area, in a place of little note to Angelenos: Orange County.

The Orange County Water District partners with the Orange County Sanitation District in a groundwater replenishment program that takes sewer water, purifies it and pumps it into the aquifer from which potable water is drawn. It's been doing this on an experimental basis for about 40 years and as a regular part of the water supply for north and central Orange County since the 1990s.

It's hard to believe The Times doesn't know about this.

Marge England, Garden Grove

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