Complaints, and trash, piling up in L.A.

To the editor: The trash problems reported in The Times are exactly those predicted by those who opposed the mayor’s garbage program. (“In L.A., a rash of complaints on trash,” Aug. 8)

It was good for him, good for the waste management companies that got a return on their investment in campaign contributions, potentially good for unions trying to organize waste management workers, but bad for the public before implementation — and now proven bad after implementation.

Daniel Fink Beverly Hills


To the editor: The problems noted in this article are not only an issue for new customers, but for old ones as well. Our condo building has used Athens for 20-plus years. We have ongoing problems with their recycling pickups. Our bin gets emptied only about every four to five weeks and is always overflowing with cardboard boxes. We end up with items being left on the floor near the bin. I hope the city of L.A. has better luck than we have with getting the service we require.

Sara Jane Ball, Pasadena

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