Jon Huntsman hits his high-water mark

On the bright side, Jon Huntsman Jr., the candidate whose poll numbers languished in the low single digits for most of the campaign, hit the high teens when real people finally got to vote in New Hampshire on Tuesday. On the dimmer side, that was only good enough for third place.

The man who has no chance of winning the Republican nomination for president, Ron Paul, did much better, taking nearly a quarter of the votes. And the man who is most likely to walk away with the nomination, Mitt Romney, garnered more than a third. Still, Huntsman expressed satisfaction with the result and declared, "We go south from here."

When he speaks of his campaign going south, Huntsman, of course, means South Carolina. But the other meaning of "going south" also applies. New Hampshire was his best shot at breaking through. If he can't make it there, he can't make it anywhere.

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