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Donald Trump is tweeting about Roger Stone, who spoke with the L.A. Times Tuesday night

President Trump tweeted angrily in response to a CNN report Wednesday morning that pointed to Roger Stone, a controversial long-time ally, among those advising Trump to fire James Comey.

The Los Angeles Times spoke with Stone on Tuesday night. And, while he would not reveal the contents of his conversations with Trump, he certainly sounded happy. 

"About time," he said, soon after picking up the phone.

CNN, citing a source, said Stone told Trump that Comey should be fired. That would be significant. Not only is Stone known for pushing Trump's hardest political edges, but he is also frequently mentioned as a potential target in the FBI's investigation of Russian meddling in the election.

Here's what Trump had to say: 

Here's what Stone had to say Tuesday night about Comey.

“This guy has politicized the FBI like no previous director,” Stone said.

Stone said he hoped the “wild goose chase" would conclude.

White House officials have periodically denied that Trump still speaks with Stone, who got his start as a self-described dirty trickster under President Nixon, and has invited controversy in multiple campaigns since then.

But Stone has been at Trump's side for decades, leaving their actual relationship the subject of frequent speculation.

Stone said he heard about Comey's firing while on a radio show. He would not say when he last spoke with Trump or how the president's opinion of Comey had evolved.

“It must not be very good," he said. "He just fired him.”

Stone has also been tweeting quite a bit since Comey's Tuesday night ouster.

Among his tweets was one saying, "Somewhere Dick Nixon is smiling."

Stone has a Nixon tattoo on his back. He also weighed in on reports that he helped persuade Trump to fire Comey, denying he was the source of the news but not the substance.

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