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Trump lashes out at special counsel, once again undercutting White House message

President Trump doesn't seem to be responding well to the appointment of a special counsel to head the investigation into whether anyone tied to his campaign cooperated in Russian efforts to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.

As usual, he took to Twitter to express his thoughts -- and send a message to his followers.

His reaction undercut the carefully measured statement the White House issued last night after Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod J. Rosenstein announced that Robert Mueller, the former head of the FBI, would head the investigation.

That statement in Trump's name said nothing specifically about the special counsel, but declared that “as I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know — there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity,” 

Rosenstein's announcement took White House officials by surprise. He did not inform either the White House or Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions about the appointment of Mueller until after the order had been signed.

Rosenstein heads to Capitol Hill today to give senators a briefing about the investigation.

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