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FBI chief defends agency after Trump says it's in 'tatters'

 (Win McNamee/AFP Getty)
(Win McNamee/AFP Getty)

FBI Director Christopher Wray politely, but clearly, disagreed with President Trump’s recent claim that the bureau was in “tatters,” telling members of Congress that there is “no finer institution.”

"What I can tell you is that the FBI that I see is tens of thousands of agents and analysts and staff working their tails off to keep Americans safe,” Wray told members of the House Judiciary Committee when he was asked about Trump’s remark.

"The FBI that I see is tens of thousands of brave men and women,” he continued. “Decent people committed to the highest principles of integrity and professionalism."

At another point, Wray, who was appointed by Trump to replace James B. Comey, said that “the agents, analysts and staff of the FBI are big boys and girls. We understand that we will take criticism from all corners, we’re accustomed to that."

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