George DeVries


Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO
American Specialty Health

George DeVries co-founded American Specialty Health (ASH) in 1987 with a mission to integrate specialty healthcare programs into traditional medical plans, improving care quality and reducing costs. ASH has grown to become the nation’s largest independent administrator of services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture, covering over 49.7 million members for 257 health plan clients. Accredited nationally, ASH’s specialty care services have a 97% member satisfaction rating.

They also operate a highly regarded fitness network program, offering affordable access to top gyms, fitness centers, and digital resources for 5.4 million members. ASH’s evidence-based healthcare solutions encompass health improvement programs and direct-to-consumer services, reaching a total of 57 million members. George’s expertise in complementary health care led to his appointment to the White House Commission along with his contributions to congressional testimonies and trade publications.