Marissa Goldberg


Chief Executive Officer
Doheny Eye Institute

Marissa Goldberg, CEO of Doheny Eye Institute, has left an indelible mark on vision care in the Los Angeles area. With over 30 years of experience, she has held various roles before assuming the position of CEO. She played a pivotal role in forging a powerful alliance between Doheny and UCLA’s Stein Eye Institute, combining their strengths and reputations as top eye institutions.

Under Goldberg’s leadership, Doheny continues to attract leading vision scientists resulting in transformative discoveries and groundbreaking research. Her fundraising efforts have secured significant seven-figure gifts, and her visionary move to consolidate Doheny’s headquarters in Pasadena has facilitated collaborations and advanced vision research. Committed to community support and public education, she strives to make Doheny the foremost vision research institute globally.