Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk

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CEO & President
ForensisGroup Inc.

In 1990, Mercy Tolentino Steenwyk faced unemployment but saw an opportunity to revolutionize the expert witness industry. Despite skepticism, she founded ForensisGroup, connecting attorneys with knowledgeable experts from diverse disciplines. Today, after 32 years and 30,000 cases, ForensisGroup supports legal and government agencies, making a significant impact on issues like environmental safety, intellectual property, and social justice.

Steenwyk’s challenges continue to shape the company’s values, promoting minority and women-owned businesses, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. ForensisGroup gives back through charitable initiatives and supports causes like education and nutrition in the Philippines. Her leadership has been recognized through speaking engagements and accolades and under her guidance, the company has embraced Salesforce and AI technologies. With a focus on excellence, human connection, and societal solutions, ForensisGroup thrives as a collaborative and diverse organization.