Nominee: Samuel Leiaghat


Chief Financial Officer & COO
Pom Pom at Home

Samuel Leiaghat, co-founder of Pom Pom at Home, skillfully merges his Belgian and American roots. Engaged in his community from a young age, he actively participated in high school clubs and ran for neighborhood council positions in Los Feliz and Hollywood Dell. After interning at ICM, he launched Armada Talent Management, representing college actors mainly from UCLA and USC.

Following his successful bedding company Loomstead, featured in renowned publications, Leiaghat returned to the family business, Pom Pom at Home. In just over three years, he transformed the business from a traditional mom-and-pop establishment to a modern, automated company. Key achievements included transitioning to Netsuite, implementing a WMS system, automating many tasks including banking and reconciliations, and now building a sales team focused on growth and ROI.