Picture of Oksana Grigorieva’s teeth goes public -- along with reports of dentist’s doubts


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What could be worse than daily doses of angry profanity and slurs? Perhaps this picture of Oksana Grigorieva, allegedly taken by her dentist the day after her January fight with Mel Gibson -- a photograph made public by Radar Online on Friday.

Ugly, yes, but clear evidence of a punch to the mouth? Not exactly.

Sources familiar with the dentist’s charts, photos and exam tell TMZ that Dr. Ross Sheldon found no evidence of a direct blow to the face, but rather saw a bruise on Grigorieva’s left temple, and two bite marks on the inside of her lower lip. His theory, according to those sources, is that such a blow could have caused her to bite down hard enough to dislodge the veneers.

In a tape made public Tuesday, Grigorieva was heard accusing her ex-boyfriend of ‘hitting a woman when she’s holding a child in her hands? Breaking her teeth, twice, in the face.’ The Jan. 6 altercation got physical but not violent, sources on Mel’s side said in June; sources on her side have alleged he hit her in the face twice.


Sources connected with the dentist -- who reportedly filed a sworn declaration related to the case -- also told TMZ that the picture circulating Friday had been doctored.

L.A. County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating an allegation of domestic violence involving Gibson, which Grigorieva filed officially on July 5.

Sources connected with Gibson have alleged that Grigorieva wanted $10 million to keep ...

... the tapes private, and it’s been reported that his attorneys would present detectives with evidence of an extortion attempt and false statements made to sheriff’s deputies. In a tape made public Thursday, money problems are mentioned. The actor’s wife filed for divorce in 2009 after three years of living apart; at the time Gibson was reported to be worth $900 million or so, much of it not liquid but rather locked up in real estate; details of the division of property, however, remain secret.
Whether the audio tapes were altered has also been a matter of discussion. The Times has not independently verified the authenticity of the tapes, but no one connected to Gibson has called them into question.

-- Christie D’Zurilla

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