Study Group Recommends New Stadium

United Press International

A mayoral task force has recommended the construction of an $80-million sports facility and predicted the project would be completed by the spring of 1988.

The 13-member task force--appointed by Mayor William Schaefer last spring--made its recommendation for a new Baltimore facility after commissioning a private study by stadium consultant Ron Libinski. Libinski studied the feasibility of renovating Memorial Stadium and concluded the 57-million project would not be cost effective.

"When we began this work the task force was unanimous that the best way to proceed was in the renovation of Memorial Stadium, and we rejected all thought of a new stadium," said Henry Butta, chairman of the task force.

"The experts we have retained have convinced us otherwise," said Butta, vice president of the C&P; Telephone Co.

The task force, created by Schaefer in the wake of the NFL Colts' flight to Indianapolis, said it will approach the Legislature this session to secure full public financing for the 65,000-seat stadium. The task force decided against building a dome because of its cost--$20 million--and the favorable climate in Maryland.

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