Violence Mars S.F. Parade

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The Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers led a triumphant victory parade down jammed Market Street Monday, but violence broke out in front of City Hall where some celebrants thought a rally would be held.

Four people were stabbed by an angry souvenir vendor, four cars were crushed by two dozen fans and a television cameraman was hit and his camera taken in the aftermath of the parade saluting the 49ers' defeat of the Miami Dolphins.

At least a dozen people were arrested, including six charged with robbery, police said.

The violence occurred during an impromptu demonstration by about 1,000 raucous fans after the parade broke up two blocks away.

Many fans were angered to learn no rally or victory reception was planned because of the violence and massive crowds that roamed the city following the 49ers' Super Bowl victory three years ago.

More than 1,000 persons lingered outside the big domed City Hall building, chanting, shooting off fireworks and jumping on the roofs of cars as police tried to clear the street.

A souvenir vendor who claimed his 49er hats were stolen stabbed a man in the back when he spotted what he believed was one of his missing hats.

Three people rushed to the wounded man's aid and were in turn stabbed, one in the arm, another in the stomach and a third in the leg, police said.

The vendor was arrested by an undercover officer.

Television cameraman Paul Stojanovich, of KRON-TV, was clubbed in the head and his video camera taken. He was treated and released from San Francisco General Hospital.

The parade itself was watched by an estimated 500,000 persons, many of whom perched from office buildings, street lights, telephone booths and statues and stood 10 feet deep on both sides of the street along the parade route. Rolls of paper poured from high-rise hotel and office windows.

The 49ers, celebrating their second Super Bowl victory and becoming the first team in National Football League history to post 18 wins in a single season, stood on two flatbed trucks.

Also aboard the trucks, which were decorated like 49er football helmets, were the wives and children of the players.

Quarterback Joe Montana, voted Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XIX for leading the 49ers to their 38-16 win, was absent. He and nine other team members were headed for Hawaii for next Sunday's Pro Bowl game.

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