Rick Dees actually wrote a threatening memo ("All About Dees," by Dennis McDougal, Feb. 3)?

I guess you folks had to find something solid to back up the bitter rantings of a couple of Dees' burned out ex-employees. His bad karma will probably catch up with him one of these days, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. His good karma is only beginning to pay off and will continue for years to come.

Dees is an inspiration for all of us who wish to accomplish something in life, so cut it. OK?

By the way, where did you say (former drivetime newscaster) Liz Fulton was working now?

Oh, and Rick, I'm surprised to find that you haven't learned to keep an eye on your "leaf collection" after 17 years in radio. Don't you know by now that tapes can sprout legs overnight? Stay tuned, buddy, the zipper you hear some afternoon on another station may be your own.

God bless you, Mr. Dees, and keep on rockin'!


Ramondo and Roll

KROQ-FM, Pasadena

Since when does The Times resort to using tabloid style, trashy fiction and allow it to pass as good journalism?

I'm surprised you didn't print a touched-up, superimposed picture of Rick Dees hugging Moammar Kadafi, for that's the way your article made Dees appear.

In a "fast lane" glitzy, entertainment world, Dees strives to be more than moral, loves his wife and son, and desires to do the absolute best with the talent God has given him. And yes, he does believe in God and gives Him the credit for his success.


Mission Hills

Wasn't that a bit too much ink for some ephemeral minor-league flash?

I think McDougal should get out of the house a bit more. A brisk walk around the block would supply him with more than enough material to preclude his need to lionize a mouse.


Los Angeles

Rick Dees is the only person I can think of who works so hard with so many people continuously demanding his time and attention, yet is available to everyone, and never makes anyone feel he is too busy for them. We love him dearly.

I speak also on behalf of my staff, as well as the hair department staff and the entire "Solid Gold" crew, when I say this is the only Rick Dees we know.


Head, Makup Dept.

Nearly 70 members of the "Solid Gold" staff also signed the above letter.

Having produced a television program with Rick Dees, "Double Platinum," and then having had Rick go on to host "Solid Gold" instead, if anyone could have animosity towards him I would.

Dees was and is a professional, and one with whom I hope to work in future. McDougal makes out that it is a crime to be successful and, quite honestly, if McDougal was, he wouldn't be writing for the Calendar section.



Guber-Peters Video

It was clever of you guys to bury the part about how Dees' closest workers had "nothing but praise" for him--I didn't want to read any good stuff about him anyway.


Los Angeles

So Rick Dees doesn't want to end up like Bob Barker. That's a laugh inducer. Dees is already light years beyond Barker in the artificial celebrity race.

Personally, I think Dees, Barker and Pia Zadora should do a remake of "Design for Living," directed, of course, by Jerry Lewis and re-written by the people who script Larry (Bud) Melman's cue cards.



Dennis McDougal invites us to dislike Rick Dees not because he lacks real talent, but because he's ambitious, works hard, dislikes stealing and believes in God.

I don't know what this article has to tell us about Dees; the slant is too severe. But I do know what it tells us about McDougal.


Sherman Oaks


Rick Dees has talent?

After seeing Roy Orbison (who is a true talent, indeed) in concert, I read that, in the words of Dees, "country music is the music of the underachiever."

Well, he can take his "Disco Duck" gem and go back to North Carolina where he belongs. As far as I'm concerned, he's just another ill-mannered California pollutant; he's also a bigger joke than any of he's told!

I'll stick to K-Earth any day.


Newport Beach

On New Year's Eve six in our family eagerly anticipated an evening at the Forum with Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Among other more or mostly less clever but interminable opening acts was Calendar coverboy Rick Dees, someone we'd never heard of, or seen, and still wish we basked in such blissful ignorance.

Did Dolly and Kenny know that such a sophomoric, vulgar, tasteless, moronic, unentertaining person was opening for them? I think not.

Dees had better do more than just say he's a Christian, and start living and talking like one.


Manhattan Beach

Now that "superstar" Rick Dees has made the cover of Calendar, who will you profile next . . . Charles Manson?


La Jolla

After reading your article on Rick Dees, all I could do was yawn. Dees qualifies for the Boor of the Year Award. How does this self-centered man think that his sound effects and "hip" delivery are wanted by everyone, and worth stealing?

Where was Rick Dees during the golden days of Bill Balance (KFWB), Hunter Hancock, Roscoe, or the late Dick Haynes? These guys, and a dozen more had it all over Mr. Dees, reached a larger audience, and without the ego hang-ups.

Give me Dr. Demento any time.


Pacific Palisades

Having spent nine years on the air in Los Angeles as well as seven in other major cities, I can tell you that in addition to some truly nice people, it's a business overrun with "spiteful," "petty," and "insecure" people.

Those who knock Dees should probably have a closer look at themselves. I worked with Rick at KHJ in 1980 and can only remember it as one heckuva great time.


Los Angeles

I have worked with Rick as a regular on his radio show for about three years as "Abe From Fairfax," and have known Julie Dees for about 12 years. In all that time, I have never experienced the kind of person profiled in McDougal's story.

Nobody called me. Nobody asked me about the Rick Dees I know. The one that calls when I'm sick or send cards on my birthday . . . but then again, "Nobody wants to read an article about a nice guy."


Sherman Oaks

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