Stefanie Powers, the former co-star of "Hart...

Stefanie Powers, the former co-star of "Hart to Hart," will have dual roles in "Deceptions," a four-hour movie that NBC plans to broadcast this spring. She'll play twin sisters who decide to change places for a week to experience the other's life style. But when one dies, the survivor must decide which life she wants to lead. Barry Bostwick co-stars as the husband of one of the women.

Anthony Geary and Shelley Hack are starring in "Kicks," a TV movie that will air on ABC. The story is about a wealthy eccentric and a college professor who are attracted to one another because of their shared love for life-endangering "games."

Irwin Allen, the master of the disaster film, will bring "Alice in Wonderland" to TV in a new production for CBS. The project, which will feature 29 original songs by Steve Allen, will star Carol Channing, Anthony Newley, Imogene Coca, Robert Morley, Martha Raye, Red Buttons, Ann Jillian and Jayne Meadows, among others. Paul Zindel wrote the script, incorporating both Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass."

Pilot projects: Suzanne Somers, formerly of "Three's Company," is making a comedy pilot for ABC called "Goodbye, Charlie," in which she'll play a man who died and was reincarnated as a woman. . . . Robert Urich, the former star of "Vega$," is starring as a detective in "Spenser: For Hire," another ABC pilot.

Billy Dee Williams, who has been seen sporadically on "Dynasty" this season, will star in a series for CBS this spring. The network has ordered six episodes of "Double Dare," in which Williams will play a wealthy man who does undercover work for the police department in San Francisco.

Jim Lehrer, co-anchor of public TV's "MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour," will host an hourlong special about heart disease. "My Heart, Your Heart" is due to air on most public television stations Feb. 27. Lehrer is well qualified for the assignment: He suffered a heart attack in December, 1983, and underwent double bypass surgery.

Peter Strauss and Sam Neill will have the lead roles in "Kane & Abel," a six-hour CBS miniseries from the novel by Jeffrey Archer. It's about two men, born on the same day but in dramatically different circumstances, who rise to power in Boston and carry on a vendetta against each other.

NBC has signed a new contract to continue televising the All England Tennis Championships from Wimbledon. The network is planning more than 27 hours of coverage this year, including live telecasts of the women's singles finals July 6 and the men's singles finals July 7.

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