I would like to commend CBS for "Robert Kennedy and His Times." The acting was fine and I believe all the characters were presented fairly. The miniseries depicted the turmoil of those not-so-long-ago times accurately.

Jerome A. Diekmann, Cerritos

Congratulations to CBS and "Otherworld." It's about time someone rediscovered the engaging Gretchen Corbett for a prime-time series. However, the show's creators have carved themselves a colossal-sized challenge to make this offbeat premise sustain its potential appeal.

Dick Sannar, San Dimas

"The Jewel in the Crown" is totally enthralling. American thespians could take acting lessons from the performers in this PBS series.

Evelyn Dana, Los Alamitos

As a fan of marching band half-time shows and a member of the UCLA band, I couldn't agree more with Marie Whittington (Viewers' Views, Jan. 20). The band and color guard members put many hours of hard work into every show, and band directors put their talents into creating shows that are exciting and visually impressive. We give up much of our free time to create these shows. Isn't it a shame that bands, often 200-plus members strong, that bring so much joy are ignored by television, because of the power of the commercial dollar?

Nicole Perlman, Westwood

Recently I began watching afternoon videos on Channel 9 with my two daughters. I was appalled to see parents and teachers ridiculed, public-service authorities defied by youth, young people subjected to gruesome torture and teen-agers engaging in R-rated sexual overtures. Needless to say, my impressionable children will no longer be watching a program that blatantly encourages teen-age sex, defiance of authority and violence.

Marlene Tangeman, Alta Loma

Why is it that at the end of a news item, some newscasters drop their voice to a low level on the last sentence? If one has the TV sound turned to a comfortable level, it is impossible to understand the last remark, which may be important or interesting. This is maddening.

H. F. Anderson, 29 Palms

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