Fund-Raising Campaign for Emergency Shelter Under Way

"Apples for McIntosh," a fund-raising campaign for the Dayle McIntosh Center's emergency shelter for temporarily homeless disabled persons, has begun. Organizers hope to raise $25,000 for the shelter, which opened in December.

The nonprofit Dayle McIntosh Center in Orange provides services, information and training to help the disabled in Orange County to live more independently.

The center's Housing Emergency Assistance Reserved for the Handicapped (HEARTH) program was begun in response to the shortage of temporary housing for the disabled.

The emergency shelter, located in Garden Grove, can accommodate up to six people. The disabled and their families may stay at no charge for up to 30 days. At the shelter, they will receive help in finding income, be referred to community services and get assistance in finding permanent housing and employment. Center officials estimate that 156 people will use the shelter each year.

Anyone who donates to Project HEARTH will receive an apple. In addition, those who sign up will be eligible for a drawing to win an Apple MacIntosh computer. The drawing will be held April 17, when the fund-raising drive ends.

Donations will be accepted throughout the county at service clubs, school campuses, work sites, churches, county offices, hospitals and at the El Toro Marine Base.

More information is available at 898-9571.

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