Industry : 3 Top City Officials Named to New Posts in Reshuffling of Staff

Three top city officials have been appointed to new administrative posts in a staff reshuffling triggered in part by the resignation of the former director of the Industry Urban Development Agency (IUDA), the city's principal redevelopment agency.

City Engineer John Radecki, who will keep his job, was appointed acting director of the IUDA by the City Council, replacing director Jerome Winstead. Winstead in January announced his intention to resign because of the continuing FBI investigation of the city. He has not been charged with a crime.

Former City Manager John Robert Baker was appointed to the newly created post of special assistant to the city manager, while former Assistant City Manager Chris Rope was promoted to city manager. Rope and Baker will continue receiving their present salaries of $79,200 a year. Radecki's salary was increased from $47,000 a year to $79,200 a year. Winstead will stay on as an IUDA consultant three more months, after which Radecki is expected to become the agency's permanent director, city officials said.

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