Congressman Bob Dornan's Conduct

All right, let's hear it for our gutsy Congressman, Battling Bob Dornan (R-Garden Grove). Not once did the man he replaced last November, Jerry Patterson, ever choke one of his associates who disagreed with him.

No, Patterson would docilely do his homework and go out on the floor of the House of Representatives and debate issues and get things done for his constituents and sponsor bills that got passed and generally be effective without even once silencing an opponent with a mouthful of knuckles.

But not Battling Bob. Now we've got a real man representing us in Congress, a man who believes in action, not debate. If they don't agree with you, call 'em names publicly, and if they object, then by God choke 'em a little. They'll learn.

I've got to admit in a soft-headed moment last November I voted for Jerry Patterson. Now I'm glad that the cooler heads in this district prevailed and we sent a man to Washington who will kick some butt. After all, that's what this country is all about. Isn't it?


Santa Ana Heights

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