'Every Time I Hear That Word, I Cringe'

Yuppie, Yuppie, Yuppie--I hate that word!

Every time I hear that word, I cringe. "Baby boomers" was bad enough and "former '60s hippie radicals" was too wordy. But why come up with such a god-awful word? I think if anyone called me a Yuppie to my face, I'd--well, I'd Wuppie them one right in the chops.

Imagine my distress when I read in The Times the other day that a popular Mexican fast-food restaurant was changing its splashy colorful decor in favor of a more "Yuppie" look of earth tones. Does this mean Yuppies are to be pacified with blandness?

And why are journalists, most of whom are at that Yuppie age, perpetuating this ridiculous-sounding word? As euphemisms go, it's pretty poor. What's wrong with calling us the Maturing Generation or Mature Citizens, after all, we have Senior Citizens?

Yuppie sounds juvenile and reminds me of a bunch of moronic fish. There must be another word. Please, let there be another word.



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