I can't believe how great "Moonlighting" is....

I can't believe how great "Moonlighting" is. Nothing on TV keeps my attention but the news--this is finally good old-fashioned entertainment. I've not laughed or been so interested since the "Thin Man" series. Just marvelous!

M. Caruso, Los Angeles

"American Caesar" was excellently done. It gave insight into an important slice of American history and objective revelation of many sides of a strange man and general. This was TV at its best.

Gene Dow, Woodland Hills

Robert Blake's acting in "Hell Town" was outstanding, as always. I hope they make the pilot into a series.

Mrs. M. Zeiger, Pomona

NBC is going nowhere with bombs like "Hell Town." There was far too much of macho Robert Blake and far too little of good acting, writing and direction. If rerun, it should be retitled "Smell Town."

Paul W. Lea, Arcadia

I urge Andrea Battiste (Viewers' Views, March 3) to read the section in which her reply was published and pay special attention to the reply preceding it by H.B. of Cerritos. She comments that "Surviving," the recent teen-age suicide movie, offered "very little insight." One life has been saved because of that broadcast. She should hold back her comments or change the channel.

Holly Tyler, Mission Viejo

Lily M. Lewis wrote (Viewers' Views, March 3) that the recent programs on teen suicide and the Atlanta child murders weren't entertainment or even interesting. I was shocked. What does she think is interesting ? "CHiPS"?

Sara Swingley, La Habra

KCET Channel 28 deserves praise for screening the unique, beautiful but often troubling film, "Koyannisqatsi." The stereo simulcast was absolutely necessary, and I thank the programming executives for demonstrating such good taste.

Patrisha Skaien, Santa Monica

"Knots Landing" has become boring, difficult to follow and jumpy. Our loyalty is wavering, and we feel it is not worth staying up for any longer.

Arline Schoenthal, Sepulveda

Cheers to CBS and "Knots Landing" producers for adding Ava Gardner to the show. I am delighted with the entire program.

Richard Fulciniti, Glendale

Directors of TV programs could do a lot for public safety if they would make the characters, especially the "good guys," use seat belts. Think about it. If viewers began to see this four-second action as the normal way to do things, more people would use their belts and many lives could be saved. I know TV shows are timed to the second, but I see a lot of material that could be cut in favor of safety.

Dorothea Jaster, Whittier

"Cagney & Lacey" is top-notch entertainment. Also, kudos to "Hill Street Blues," "St. Elsewhere" and, of course, "The Cosby Show." If it wasn't for these shows, I would never tune in the networks.

Carol Claflin, Camarillo

John Richardson of Carlsbad (Viewers' Views, March 10) suggests changing the name of "Wide World of Sports" to "Wide World of Ice Skating." I favor changing it to "Wide World of Boxing." That seems to be the sport most frequently shown.

Barry Jensen, Porterville

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