Fullerton : Gasoline Spill Leads to 2 1/2-Hour Evacuation

Residents living near the intersection of Chapman and Raymond avenues were evacuated from their homes for about 2 1/2 hours Monday when about 100 gallons of gasoline spilled from a fuel truck that hit a light pole.

No one was injured, and fire officials successfully removed the spilled gas from the ground and what remained inside the 1,500-gallon tank compartment, which ruptured when the truck hit a pole outside an Arco Mini-Mart at 1250 E. Chapman Ave., a fire official said.

The driver of the 8,800-gallon fuel truck was making a delivery at the Arco station when it hit the pole, Battalion Chief Larry Greene said. The driver was trying to line up the truck with a fuel tank, he said.

“The biggest problem was removing the gas from the truck,” dispatcher Ray Miller said.


After containing the flowing gasoline with sand, a chemical cleanup company, Industrial Tank Corp., used a special vacuum to collect the spilled gasoline, Miller said.

Workers also emptied the gasoline still inside the truck, owned by E.W. Trucking, to avoid “a potential danger of explosion,” Miller said.