Local News in Brief : 3 Break Into Van Nuys Home, Beat Woman, Slay Roommate

Three men broke into the home of a Van Nuys woman while she was taking a bath late Sunday, attacked her, then stabbed her roommate to death when he surprised them, Los Angeles police said Monday.

Steve Eldridge, 27, was stabbed several times in the upper body, police said, when he confronted the intruders in his bedroom. He was a co-owner of the house in the 14500 block of Killion Street, police said.

The woman, Maureen McDermott, 37, was bathing about 10:30 p.m. when she heard noises inside the house, police said. They said she got out of the tub and walked into her own bedroom, where the men demanded money and jewelry.

“They slapped her and apparently beat her until she was unconscious,” Detective Mel Arnold said. He said McDermott was not sexually assaulted. She was treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries.


The three men fled and were believed to have taken money and household goods, Arnold said.

McDermott apparently regained consciousness shortly before midnight and called police and an ambulance for herself.

Eldridge’s body was discovered in his bedroom by police, Arnold said.