Gunman Escapes After Robbibg Bank in Corona

A masked gunman robbed three tellers Tuesday afternoon at the First Trust Bank in Corona, making off with an undisclosed amount of cash, according to police.

The robber entered the bank on West 6th Street, pointed a 6-inch-long, chrome-plated revolver at a teller and told her to fill a bag he held open with money, Police Sgt. David Sparkman said.

He repeated his demand at two more tellers’ windows, stopping only to curse one of the tellers who dropped some money, witnesses said.

The robber left the bank, climbed over a wall behind the building and ran through a yard to a waiting car, Sparkman said. A witness said the car, a gray or silver 1980 Toyota Celica, was driven west on 7th Street by a woman.


The gunman wore a dark-blue ski mask throughout the robbery and escape, Sparkman said.

Police had no estimate of the amount of money taken in the robbery.