Resident Opposes Boundary Change

Why is it that Jordan High School has an enrollment of only 1,200 students? Why do parents in Watts put 800 to 1,000 of their children on school buses to West Los Angeles and the Valley? Jordan is surrounded by huge housing projects, yet it doesn't have enough students.

It is because of Jordan's "poor" quality of education and the surrounding environment of gangs, drugs and violent crime that encourage their local students to seek their education elsewhere.

Why should South Gate students be forced to fill Jordan's vacuum created by Watts' students refusal to attend Jordan? The elementary schools in Jordan's area are becoming heavily Hispanic. In three to four years, Jordan will have the same overcrowding problem as South Gate High. In the long run, a boundary change will hurt Jordan.

Give us a receiving school with a similar environment and the quality education of South Gate High. Gardena or Venice High will do just fine.

I am opposed to a boundary change of any form, but since the (Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education) has decided to divide our city of South Gate, at least give our children the same options as Markham Junior High.

Give our children Pacific Palisades High as our Pupil With Transportation Receiving School.


South Gate

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