Gianturco's Lecture at UCI

I was appalled to read your report (April 25) on a lecture given by Adriana Gianturco at UC Irvine. I am enrolled in Judy Rosener's class, and I found it difficult to believe that we had heard the same lecture.

The point of Adriana's lecture was not to defend her past actions but rather to analyze those actions in the context of political theory. The most annoying part of the article was that the first five paragraphs were reiterations of misinformation previously reported by the media about Adriana.

I am sure that you are well aware that most of your readers will not read further to find the information corrected. This is not fair to Adriana, and it is not fair to your readers. Because I knew this story firsthand, I now know how freely writers take literary license in reporting the news.


Mission Viejo

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