Waitress Takes Order: ‘All Your Cash, to Go’

Times Staff Writer

The young men ordered Egg McMuffins to go, then asked for a little something extra--all the cash in the register.

Two armed robbers, dubbed the Egg McMuffin Bandits by Buena Park police, pulled into a McDonald’s drive-through restaurant at Knott and Orangethorpe avenues shortly before 7 a.m. Monday, police spokesman Terry Branum said.

The driver ordered ham-and-egg sandwiches for two through a speaker phone, then pulled up to the drive-through window, Branum said.

At the window, a passenger leaned over the driver, brandished a handgun and told a 22-year-old female employee to “put all the cash in with the breakfast bag or I’ll blow you away,” Branum said.


The worker handed the breakfast and cash to the driver, described as about 20 years old, with wavy, sandy brown hair. A 20-year-old Buena Park man next in line saw the incident and jotted a license number down on a napkin before the red-and-white Toyota Celica sped away.

Police traced the car to a Fullerton home, where residents were questioned, but no arrests were made, Branum said. Police were investigating the possibility that the car may have been stolen Sunday night and returned to the house shortly after the armed robbery.