Money Is What Counts in Horse Racing, Too

Scott Ostler attacks the entire sport of horse racing because one person, Dennis Diaz, "let his sport down" for deciding not to race Spend a Buck for "tradition" or "glory" and $2.3 million less money in the Preakness than his horse can earn in New Jersey.

He said horse racing has again "blown its cover" but horses racing for money has never been a secret. Big purses draw the best athletes in any sport . . . golf and tennis, for example. Every year, pro football and baseball have to deal with players trying to breach their contracts for a heck of lot less money than $2.6 million.

I don't remember Scott Ostler attacking the Heisman superstars for "letting their sport down" by signing with the USFL for big money rather than playing in the NFL for tradition and glory.



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