Fountain Valley : Hospital Guild Awards Medical Career Grants

An organization affiliated with Fountain Valley Community Hospital has awarded scholarships this year totaling $22,750 to 30 students pursuing careers in the medical field, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Guild, it was announced at a recent banquet, granted the awards on the basis of merit and need. The money was raised at the hospital’s gift shop and through the sale of baby pictures to families.

The Walter Koch, Ruth Cochrane, Jean Peterson, Peggy Hutchinson and Kae Moore memorial awards were presented to Jeff Roberts, Michael Orzechowski, William Manzo, Bruce Culbertson and Roy Steers, respectively. The five young men are all studying to be doctors.

Other future physicians receiving awards were Jean Costello, Tim Gibson, Jody Melendez, Christie Obukofe and Kris Stockerson.


Nursing school students who received scholarships were Orfilda Crawford, Gerianne Babbo, Eleanor Kelly, Susan Shaffer, Marcia Meade, Suzanne Figueroa and Phyllis Young.

Other recipients include premed students Kim McLaughlin, Jofel Yan, Howard Horning, Brian Malloy, Sylvia Schmid and Anita Schubert. Two respiratory therapy students, Sharon Griffin and Sandra Frankel, also received scholarships, as did Debbie Jean Goldade, studying kinesiology; Deborah Lynn Gordon, a physical therapy student, and Cara Cohen and Justine Jarrett, students of biological science and biology, respectively.