La Palma : Tuesday Election to Fill Van Dyke’s Council Seat

Voters will elect elect a new council member Tuesday to fill a seat left vacant by the death of Mayor Tony Van Dyke, 56, who suffered a fatal heart attack Dec. 4 while presiding at his first meeting as mayor.

Council members split over the choice of a replacement. Two supported David Gay, a Los Angeles city planner, and two supported Dan Collins, a retired electrical engineer and former council member, according to City Manager Richard Rowe.

Because of the deadlock, Gay, Collins and a third candidate, Eva Miner, a dental practice consultant, are vying for the post in Tuesday’s special election.

Gay and Miner ran unsuccessfully for council seats last November. Collins was a council member from 1972 to 1976 and from 1980 to 1984.


The cost of the election will not be known until it is completed, City Clerk Mary O’Neil said.

Polling locations for the city’s 8,000 registered voters are:

Precinct 1: 4602 Sharon Drive.

Precinct 2: 5221 Toulouse Drive.


Precinct 3: 5531 Conifer Drive.

Precinct 4: 7701 Laurelwood Lane.

Precinct 5: Walker Junior High School, 8132 Walker St.

Precinct 6: Los Coyotes School, 8122 Moody St.


Precinct 7: 5181 Del Sol Circle

Precinct 8: 8132 Bellhaven St.

Precinct 9: Luther School, 4631 La Palma Ave.