Local News in Brief : Body of Reseda Man Found Inside Home; Son, 22, Arrested

A 22-year-old Reseda man was arrested on suspicion of murder after his father was found dead inside the residence the two shared.

The son, Edward Francis Conley Jr., called police to report his father’s death shortly after 1:30 a.m. Thursday, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said. Detective Phil Quartararo said officers found Edward Francis Conley Sr., 66, dead from a blow to the head when they arrived at the Conley home, 8055 Chastain Ave.

The younger Conley, who works at a nearby record shop, was arrested later Thursday after homicide detectives found inconsistencies in his statements to police, Quartararo said. Police declined to release details that led to the arrest pending further investigation. The suspect is being held without bail at West Valley Division jail, Quartararo said.

Police said they will present the case to the district attorney’s office on Monday. The elder Conley, a carpenter, was a widower and had no other children, police said.


Deputies said Wilson, carrying a shotgun, re-entered the crowded restaurant, where off-duty officers were attending a dinner, and was ordered by Sgt. John Harley to drop his weapon. Wilson allegedly put a round in the shotgun’s chamber, as if to shoot, and aimed the gun in the direction of about 25 restaurant patrons. Harley, Deputy Michael Waldman, 31, and reserve officer Dean Boris fired a total of 13 rounds at Wilson in the restaurant and after he ran into the parking lot.

The officers, who were armed but not in uniform, were eating in the restaurant with their wives and members of a local Scout group.