Ex-Employee Jailed in Burger King Bombing

Times Staff Writer

A disgruntled ex-employee stuck a six-inch pipe bomb in a drive-through sign at a Burger King franchise in Agoura Hills early Thursday morning, causing $8,000 in damage, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Allan Glass of Agoura Hills was arrested in the parking lot of the Burger King restaurant at 29136 Roadside Drive after the 2 a.m. explosion ripped through the plastic and metal sign used to take drive-through orders, spokeswoman Lynda Edmonds said.

Glass, 21, was described by restaurant employees as a former assistant manager who had been angry at the restaurant since he was fired seven months ago.

Linda Delpit, the restaurant manager, said that, when she arrived at the restaurant after the explosion, she saw police interviewing Glass, who claimed to be sitting in a nearby Denny’s restaurant when the bomb went off. But Delpit said she recognized Glass and pointed him out to police.


“I said, ‘That’s the guy whose been threatening to do this,’ ” Delpit said.

She would not say why Glass had been fired, but said the restaurant had received a series of threats since his dismissal.

Employees at the restaurant saw Glass in the parking lot before the explosion, Edmonds said. The restaurant was closed when the bomb went off and there were no injuries, Edmonds said.

He said deputies found equipment used to fill casings with gunpowder in a search of Glass’ house.


Glass was arrested on suspicion of arson and jailed at the Malibu substation in lieu of $60,000 bail.