10-Man Policy Board Sets Tour Rules

Commissioner Deane Beman of the PGA Tour reports to a 10-man Tournament Policy Board that sets the policies and rules he administers for the players. The board is composed of four players who are elected by the 125 or so voting members of the PGA Tour, three independent directors elected by the board from among the nation's business leaders and three officers of the PGA of America.

The current board:

Player directors--Jim Colbert, Peter Jacobsen, Roger Maltbie and Gary McCord.

Independent directors--E. Mandell deWindt, chairman of Eaton Corporation; Robert E. Kirby, retired chairman and chief executive officer of Westinghouse Electric Corp., and Card Walker, recently retired chairman of the executive committee of Walt Disney Productions. DeWindt is the chairman of the policy board.

PGA directors--Mickey Powell, president of PGA of America; James Ray Carpenter, vice president of PGA of America, and Pat Rielly, treasurer of the PGA of America. Rielly is a member of the Annandale Country Club in Pasadena.

The players serve four-year terms, the others only three. Some big names on the tour have never served, among them Lee Trevino and Tom Watson. They have never been elected.

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