Police Link 19 Missing, 3 Dead to Lake and Ng

From Associated Press

Authorities have tentatively connected 19 missing persons and three dead people to the Calaveras County encampment of survivalist Leonard Lake and his friend, Charles Ng. Here is a list:

- Paul Cosner, 40, a San Francisco car broker, who was last seen Nov. 2, 1984, when he went to show his car to a potential buyer he described as “weird.” Lake was arrested with Cosner’s car on June 2.

- Harvey Dubs, 29; his wife, Deborah, 33, and their 16-month-old son, Sean, were last seen July 25, 1984. Police said videotape equipment from the Dubs’ San Francisco home was found at Lake’s cabin in Calaveras County.

- Jeff Gerald, 25, of San Francisco is a thin, muscular man who worked by day with Ng as a mover and spent evenings playing drums for the band Crash and Burn. He vanished in February after saying he was going to help Ng move.


- Cliff Peranteau, 24, who also worked as a mover with Ng and vanished in late January.

- Charles Gunnar, 36, a former postman and drama coach from Morgan Hill who was best man at Lake’s wedding. Gunnar’s ex-wife reported in April that he had been gone for two years.

- Jeffrey D. Askren, 30, of Sunnyvale vanished in April, 1984. His late-model Honda automobile was found a few days later in the West Point area of Calaveras County, near Lake’s home.

- Kathleen E. Allen, 18, of San Jose appears in a videotape found at Lake’s home and her last paycheck was sent to the town near his cabin, according to San Jose police.


- Michael S. Carroll, 23, of Milpitas. Identified as Allen’s boyfriend and is mentioned on one of the videotapes. His driver’s license was also found at the cabin, police said.

- Lonnie Bond, Brenda O’Connor and their 2-year-old child who lived next door to Lake have been missing since May. Calaveras County Sheriff Claud Ballard said investigators believe O’Connor appeared in a videotape in which she was forced at gunpoint to perform sex acts.

- Robin Stapley, 26, was believed to have been living with Bond and O’Connor when they disappeared. Police say Lake had Stapley’s identification on him when arrested.

- Donald Lake of San Bruno is Leonard Lake’s brother and has been missing since April, 1983, when he was 32 years old. Leonard Lake’s ex-wife, Claralyn Balazs, said her former husband saw his younger brother as “a leech.”


- Thomas D. Myers, 25, of Saratoga was connected to the case when police found a piece of his identification at the scene, according to San Jose Police Chief Joseph D. McNamara. However, authorities say they have been unable to locate Myers’ relatives or prove he even existed.

- Three transients who San Francisco police say are now missing and had contact with Lake or Ng at one time.

- Two unidentified black men whose remains were found at Lake’s cabin.

- Donald Giulietti, a San Francisco disc jockey shot to death last July by an Asian man who fit Ng’s description.